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Common Mistakes

On this page you will see examples of real accounts which make very basic mistakes and others which do it well. This doesn't mean that these accounts will never get any results but sticking to the basic rules will get more results.

Proper use of hashtags

Notice how the picture with the tiger has no description or hashtags at all and in return it engaged with only a handful of people. While the picture on the on the left is a picture we posted but keep in mind that when that picture was posted our account only had 60 followers yet it blew the tiger out of the water.

Coffee cup 1 - Tiger 0

Posting Content

You will struggle to build up followers if you don't post content and it won't matter how many people you follow, people just won't follow back and if they will then it will be just for the sake of following back.

To build up quality followers you need to give them a reason to follow you and post something they will like to show that you're active and that they're not just following a ghost account.

Which account do you think would potentially generate more revenue?

Followers vs. Following

The amount of followers shows your image so if the amount of people who you are following is higher than those who are following you, then your image looks like you're "Trying too hard but no dice"

(Also after reviewing why the account in the bottom has so few followers is because the lack of hashtags which means not many people see it which results in very little engagement and Instagram puts a brake on these posts. If you show consistency then basically anything they will post is not likely to get much exposure unless they change.)


This isn't such a bad thing but subconsciously something tells you. These are examples of two tattoo shops. The one on the left looks like a catalog while the one on the right has more personality. If you constantly post the same thing where one post looks just like the other then they become boring.

The Tattoo shop on the right however has a variety of what they post making it more personal such as pictures of their shop, the tattoo shop owner, tattoos they do, videos, carousels etc. you won't get bored.

The account on the left has 3900 followers while the one on the right has 10.9k followers.