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Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world's moments. Follow your friends and family to see what they're up to but as a business? Instagram is a perfect tool to show what your business is doing:

Hair Stylist, Clubs and Pubs, Online Shop, Restaurant, Car Shop, Painting or Vinyls, Tattoo Artist etc.

Basically if you want people to see what you do then you should consider adding Instagram to your Marketing Strategy, it WILL make a massive difference and also you get this "Cool" and "Modern" look.

Connect with your audience and they will appreciate you

"Post once then people will only see it once and that's the end of it. You should be posting 4-7 times each day minimum"

How do We Market on Instagram

It's actually very simple, it's so simple that you could do it yourself but it's very time consuming and requires a lot of commitment, research, creativity and focus. That's why most businesses who do it by themselves don't last more than a week or two at most and then don't do it with as much intensity as they used to or leave their Instagram account alone.

1. Identify Target Audience and build up followers base

We will identify your (qualifying) target audience within a location where they can bring you business. For example if you're a barber in Oldham, then we won't be trying to reach people in Birmingham however if you're an online business which can reach the whole world selling let's say watches for £2.000 a piece then we won't be trying to reach people with low income who could never afford one

2. Post Content with Relevant Hashtags

We will be posting a variety of relevant content on your behalf on average twice a day (60 each month) we won't be posting repetitive and boring content as no one would find it interesting and on top of that Instagram tends to suppress repetitive posts giving it less exposure. Our posts will include Relevant Hashtags to catch audience which doesn't follow you and probably doesn't even know you exist but would probably love to use your service.

3. Keep your account active

We will be actively responding to messages and comments. This is very important because it shows people that you're active and you're committed to look after your customers which encourages more people into becoming customers as well and retaining more existing customers to use your services again. In another words, if your competitor replies to queries in comments and private messages and you don't, then they are more likely to get the business.

4. Eliminate bot accounts

Once we build up a decent amount of followers we will use our software and identify "ghosts" (people who have not interacted with your last 20-40 posts by either a Like or a comment, basically a bot/ empty account) and get rid of them. This will build up a much stronger active audience, allow room for more, better follower to following ratio, show more action on your account and encourage more people to reach out. Plus Instagram is more inclined to boost posts which engage with more people.

Do you think you already have a great Instagram account?

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