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Ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram

Google processes 40.000 searches per second! Sounds like a paradise if you're a worldwide online business doesn't it? To have the potential to reach so many people every single second? But if you're a smaller business then the number is still around 13.000.000 people who can potentially click on your website each month.

The beauty about Ads is that you only pay per clicks which is around 3 GBP - 10+ GBP per click but depends on what your competitors pay. So if your maximum monthly budget is 300 GBP then you will get around 2.000 - 40.000 views and around 100-1.000 clicks every month but again that would depend on the industry.

This is a more aggressive way of marketing, if you want your business to grow faster however the speed will also depend on your budget.

Ads on Google

Ads on Google are popping up based on what the customer is looking for. This will drive only customers who are looking for something specific. If the customer is looking for a pub or club then your ad would appear and the potential customer would open your website.

Ads on Facebook

Ads on Facebook have a little more to it. They analyze what you are trying to achieve, brand awareness, visits to your store, online purchases, etc. Then it will target your audience by their interests, age, ethnicity etc. In a nutshell Facebook gets very specific. You can also get a lot more views because you may get people who weren't even looking for a service like yours now but if they like what you do then they will follow your page and when they will need something then you'd be near the top of the list PLUS they will know your company longer and be more comfortable using your services.

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